Accessibility statement

Accessibility statement of RSecurity company:

We at RSecurity make every effort and invest resources to provide all of our customers with an accessible, professional, and respectful service.
In accordance with the Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Law and its regulations,adjustments have been made to our website so that every person with a disability can receive
the services provided to all customers, independently and equally.

If you encounter any difficulty or have a suggestion for improvement, we would be happy to hear
from you.

Please contact the website management. RSecurity does not accept visitors, and we can be
contacted only through digital channels.

Additional means of contact include:
Email: [email protected]
Contact form on the website

Website Accessibility:

The RSecurity website is an accessible website that allows people with disabilities and older people to browse at the same level as all other users. RSecurity believes in and works for equal
opportunities in the online space for people with diverse disabilities and for those who use assistive technology for computer use.

Information about the website accessibility:

The RSecurity website complies with the requirements of the Equal Rights Regulations. We conducted tests and examined the highest suitability for the Chrome browser. The site has a
semantic structure for assistive technologies and supports the accepted usage pattern. The RSecurity website is adapted for display on popular browsers and for use on mobile phones.
Ways to make requests and suggestions for accessibility improvement: RSecurity is committed to addressing any request, and if you encounter any problem or
malfunction, please contact us.

Email : [email protected]
Name: Roy Moshailov
Phone Number: +972525594598