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A cybersecurity risk assessment is an important tool for examining risks and gaps in an organization’s information systems. By conducting the assessment, weaknesses and vulnerabilities in information security can be identified, reducing cyber risks such as industrial espionage, sensitive data leaks, insider data theft, cyber extortion, database breaches, and disruption.


Thanks to the assessment, confidential information can be safeguarded, and the organization’s information security can be aligned with the highest standards.


The costs of a single cyber incident investigation or management can be tens of thousands of dollars, compared to the cost of an information security assessment, compliance with security standards, penetration testing, cyber insurance, and any other necessary security tools that the organization needs to acquire.

Penetration tests are conducted by information security experts with years of experience in applying accepted methodologies, providing accurate and professional results.


To offer the best Penetration Test cyber service, Rsecurity provides a variety of information security services for businesses, including penetration testing.


Tests are carried out by experts who have served in cyber and intelligence units, focusing on the resilience of computing and application infrastructures against external and internal attacks

From investigation to crisis management, RSecurity’s Incident Response team, comprised of industry leaders, helps solve all aspects of digital attacks, including comprehensive technical investigations, event containment, and guiding the organization back to normalcy.


Cyber events can include database breaches, data leaks, ransomware, extortion, and other cyber risks. A cyber incident response team will manage the event, providing a comprehensive response and enabling a quick and proper handling of the event, its containment, and resolution, while preserving the organization’s business goals, swift return to regular operations, and drawing insights

Managed information security services – our “Expert-as-a-Service” solution is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses in need of high-level information security management expertise, without being able to employ a full-time CISO or establish a full-fledged information and cyber security team.


Our team of experts can create a customized solution for your company’s needs, providing diligent supervision and control for effective protection of your sensitive information at an affordable price, while also delivering advanced solutions for identifying and responding to cyber attacks as part of the service.


Our security services are flexible and can be tailored to your company’s changing needs, including monitoring and identifying cyber attacks, providing immediate and active response to potential threats in accordance with existing daily cyber updates. With our services, you can focus on growing your business with confidence that your information security is in good hands.

 knowledge within the organization and all departments in the company, ensuring that the general policy in the company is uniform, consistent, and clear to everyone.


The training covers all key aspects of cybersecurity, from the basics of information security to advanced techniques for identifying and responding to threats. Our training is delivered clearly and tailored to your organization’s needs, intended for all departments and levels within the company. We work closely with the relevant teams in the organization to ensure that the overall cybersecurity policy is uniform, consistent, and clear to everyone in the company

Enhance employee awareness of security and protect your organization from planned attacks by conducting simulated phishing tests. By testing employees’ vigilance against these planned attacks, weak points can be identified and focused training can be provided to improve awareness and reduce future risks to the organization.

Strengthen your organization’s security system through lectures and training in various cybersecurity and information security domains by our experts. Our professional team has served in management roles in the IDF and government agencies, gaining experience in the current challenges of the cyber world and advanced methods for protecting various systems and sensitive and important data.


We offer training programs tailored to your organization’s needs, ranging from basic courses to advanced technical workshops, all delivered by experienced instructors with practical experience.

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